Reducing heat and itching

Global warming doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, and as a bald trans woman who sweats a lot while wearing a hair system outside which inevitably leads to unending itching in those areas that makes me want to bang my head against a wall just to feel something other than itching, especially in the summer – you can imagine I have been highly motivated to find some sort of solution for this problem.

Well, it’s not a solution more than it is mitigation, and it doesn’t look graceful, pretty or “feminine”, but it reduces my suffering so I do it.

I carry with me a water spritzer at all times and spritz water on my face every 30 seconds if needed and you would be surprised how a small water spritzer can easily last an entire day even if you spritz that often because every spritz doesn’t contain all that much water. This is a form of external “pre-emptive” sweating where the water vapors cool my face much more effectively because I’m not waiting for my body to be like OMG I AM SO EFFING HOT before perspiring, so my face starts cooling before that happens.

Of course, you need to be careful around electronics you might be carrying such as your cellphone or laptop but you can carefully angle the spritzer and use distance to not hit electronics.

If I combine the spritzer together with a mobile usb powered fan and a usb external battery pack to keep it going all day, it becomes a sort of mobile air conditioner where it can be super hot outside 33 degrees celsius but at least my face is like 25 degrees celsius which is where heat causes me the most suffering, namely never ending itching.

So there is a little tip on how to deal with global warming before we all die horrible deaths because people can’t be asked to stop eating animal products and replace them with plant foods or regulate/replace capitalism which is destroying the environment we need to survive. I’m sure someone will make a cheap drone that carries a fan and water spritzer while also taking awesome selfies before that happens.

Me constantly carrying a water spritzer and fan wherever I go

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