List of unethical foods

This is a list of sources I was told are about foods that me as an ethical vegan and other people who are also ethical vegans might want to avoid buying even though they are plants for the same reasons one would be an ethical vegan.

I haven’t gotten about to reading all these sources yet, this is mostly for reference purposes and I’m open to adding more such sources in the future but from a cursory glance at what’s in these sources I understand that cashew, avocados, cocoa and palm oil are all just as unethical to buy as animal products. There might be more arguments against other plants or plant products in these sources I haven’t seen yet and I haven’t gotten deep into trying to argue against these sources.

Again, I haven’t read these sources yet comprehensively, I’m just keeping this list for reference as items for me and others to check out and am open to removing or adding items.

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